Ability Scores

Ability Minimum Maximum Adjustment
Strength 12 20 +2
Dexterity 5 14 +0
Constitution 12 20 +2
Intelligence 5 14 +0
Wisdom 3 16 -2
Charisma 3 16 -2

Special Abilities


Natural Tracker – Minotaurs may track prey via scent. If they have the tracking proficiency, this is factored as a +4 bonus when scent is part of the trail. If not, they may pick up scents 50% of the time.

Alert – Minotaurs receive a +2 bonus on surprise checks.

Infravision – Minotaurs can see up to 60’ in total darkness.

Stalwart – Possessed of remarkable tenacity, they receive a +3 bonus on Morale checks and saves vs. fear.

Bonus HP – Minotaurs are built tough; they receive 6 bonus HP at 1st level

Natural AC – The thick, leathery hide of a Minotaur grants a Natural AC of 6


Large – Minotaurs take damage as large creatures

Monstrous Appearance – A Minotaur’s shape makes fitting helmets difficult, and also puts people on edge. Minotaurs suffer a -1 to all reaction rolls with Humanoids.

Only the Strong Shall Rule – Minotaurs find it almost unthinkable to run from a fight. They gain the Overconfident disadvantage.


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