This is not an exhaustive list, just a list of the “out of the ordinary” equipment.

Melee Weapons

Name Damage (SM/L) Size
Steam Spear 1d6+2 / 1d6+2 Large
Spike Staff 1d6+1 / 1d6 Large

Ranged Weapons

Name Damage (SM/L) Size Range ROF
Steam X-Bow 1d8 / 1d8 Large 2-5/10/15 1
Steam Sling 1d6 / 1d4 Large 2-5/10/15 2


Firearms are allowed in this campaign, up to and including wheel-locks.


Name AC bonus Special properties
Gun Shield +1 Pistol as handle
Moon Shield +1 Stores arrows on back
Horse Shield +1 Can confer AC bonus to horse


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