Ability Scores

Ability Minimum Maximum Adjustment
Strength 11 18 +0
Dexterity 3 16 -2
Constitution 11 20 +2
Intelligence 3 18 +0
Wisdom 11 19 +1
Charisma 3 17 -1

Special Abilities


Desert Survival – Cameltaurs gain the Heat Resistance Advantage, and receive a +4 bonus to Survival:Desert checks.

Hoofbeat – Cameltaurs’ front hooves can be used to attack dealing 1d6 / 1d4 damage.

Charge Attack – May be taken as an advantage. Cameltaurs armed with lances or long spears can charge for double damage.

Bonus HP – Cameltaurs are built tough; they receive 4 bonus HP at 1st level

Natural AC – The tough, sun-weathered hides of Cameltaurs grant a Natural AC of 6


Large – Cameltaurstake damage as large creatures

Mystical – Cameltaurs are constantly seeing omens and portents everywhere. They must make a Wisdom check versus out-of-the-ordinary happenings or perceive (and believe) some destiny or fate has been foretold.

Monstrous Appearance – A Cameltaur’s shape makes fitting armor difficult, and also puts people on edge. Cameltaurs suffer a -1 to all reaction rolls with Humanoids.


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