Nerash Tok'h

A Gnoll, Nerash is outcast from his tribe for less-than-clear reasons; his worship and service to the deity Vaeldur perhaps having something to do with it.


Strength 17 Dexterity 14 Constitution 14 Intelligence 13 Wisdom 16 Charisma 11

Hit Points 12 AC 5 Level 1/1

Class: Fighter/Wilder in service to the god Vaeldur.

Weaponry: Usually a huge double-bitted, two-handed war axe, though he carries a battleaxe and hatchets as well.

At six-foot-eight, Nerash is a bit short for his kind, but he makes up for this lack in muscle. He appears as a hyenalike biped with a pelt that is silver grey with black striping over his form. Like all his kind he stands on digitigrade legs and has a tail that flags behind him, moving with his mood. Across his back and sides are ugly scars, the remnants of his being whipped with a scourge at his parting with his tribe.


Nerash is a recent arrival to the city of Oasis, in flight from his tribe deep in the hills between Oasis and the mountains. So far it hasn’t fully been revealed why he was exiled, or more importantly why he’s alive to tell about it! He is far more sophisticated than his brethren Gnolls, and came to Oasis thinking it a potential safe harbor from the hatred of his kin.

This didn’t work out too well. Moments after he walked through the trade gates he was attacked by a mob of the locals, enraged at the presence of one of the hated hill-raiders that had plagued the area for the length of memory.

He survived the attack, and to his credit managed to leave his attackers alive as well. He is now serving as bodyguard for the Half-Elven priestess Ravenae, who in turn has been directed to assist and escort the newly arrived Minotaur Ambassador Brahma.

Nerash Tok'h

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