SPECIALTY PRIESTS OF VALDUR (145 points) (Wilders)

Requirements: Wisdom 12, Constitution 12

Prime Req: Wis, Con

Alignment: NG, N, CG

Weapons: All Bludgeoning, Firearms, Picks

Armor: Any

Magic Items: As Clerics

Major Spheres: All, Animal, Divination, Combat, Elemental: (Air, Earth), Protection, Weather

Minor Spheres: Healing, Plant, Creation, Travelers

Required Prof: Survival

• Wilders may Turn Undead

• When in the wilderness, all Wilder spells’ non-instant durations are increased by ½ their level in rounds (6th level Wilder has durations increased by 3 rounds).

• Wilders may learn Survival, Tracking, Hunting, and Mountaineering proficiencies from the Warrior group at no extra cost.

• At 1st level, Wilders may cast Aura of Comfort 1/day

• At 5th level, Wilders may cast Meld Into Stone 1/day

• At 9th level, Wilders may cast Air Walk 1/week

• At 12th level, Wilders may cast Wall of Stone (Wizard spell) 1/day

• At 15th level, Wilders may cast Whirlwind 1/day

• At 20th level, Wilders may cast Animate Rock 1/week


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