Ambassador Brahma

Minotaur Trade Emissary from across the sands


Str: 19 +3/+7— Dex: 14— Con: 18 +4HP— Int: 13— Wis: 13— Cha: 14 +1—

Level: 1 Fighter— AC: 4— HP: 18—

Weapons: 2 Handed War Axe d10/2d8— Chain d4+1/d4— Cestus d4+1/d4

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Etiquette 9— Blind-Fighting 7— Endurance 8— Survival-Desert 6

Weapon Proficiencies: Two Hand Axe,— Chain,— Martial Arts “A” variation -Missle Deflection

Special Abilities:

Bonus Natural/Scent tracking +4/50%, Alert (+2 vs. Surprise), Infravision 60’, Stalwart (+3 vs. Fear effects), Bonus HP (6 hp at first level), Natural AC of 6, Defense bonus (+2 to unarmored AC), Multiple Weapon Specialization, d12 based HP’s

Liabilities Takes Damage as a Large Creature, -1 Reaction to Humans, Overconfident, Limited to Light Armor Only, Cannot Wear Magical Armor


Former Gladiator and General for the Minotaur forces, Brahma has been sent to negociate trade with the humans of Oasis or Recon and evaluate their defenses. While not terribly strong with the native tongue, he is usually capable of understanding, and being understood. Brahma is a massive 7 1/2 feet tall and powerfully built. He wears only a loin cloth unless operating in the capacity of Ambassador. For that, he dons an intricately decorated tabard. In combat, he favors his massively built Cestus, two iron gloves with knobs, spikes and razors and wades into combat as a brawler. When he does decide to weild a weapon, he takes up a monsterous 2 Handed War Axe. As a carry over from his gladitorial days, he dons a fierce looking open faced helmet that gussets his horns and bears a mohawk of wicked spikes.

Ambassador Brahma

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