Desert World

Day 1

The story begins...

Our story briefly began tonight. Most of the time was spent in character creation.

The Party makeup is:

Brahma – Minotaur Fighter, Emissary from his people

Nerash – Gnoll Fighter/Wilder, outcast for his heathen ways (worshipping Vaeldur)

Ravenae – Half-Elven Moondancer, Initiate in the Order of Elistrae, unwitting herald to the Minotaur envoy.

mumble – Human Rogue, ...

Notes on the story so far to come later.


Okay. Amy’s character is Ravenae, a first level cleric. My character is Nerash Tok’h, a Gnoll Fighter/Wilder, and I have no idea what Ray’s character’s name is. I’ll have a full writeup of the run, plus some of the ‘off camera’ stuff added in posted up here and on my Livejournal ( shortly, likely within an hour or two!

Day 1

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